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The Backdoor to Sichuan – Kunming to Chengdu

This was the first solo trip I embarked in China. The route taken from Yunnan to Chengdu is known as the Backdoor to Sichuan from Yunnan. The trip took five weeks to complete as I travel through the most culturally diverse region… Continue Reading →

CaoChangDi Art Zone 草场地艺术区

I discovered 798 art zone back in 2006 since then the area has become commercialized and no longer retain it’s abandon industrial feel. Cao Chang Di is north east of the 798 area composed of a artists who has moved away… Continue Reading →

Smog Photography in Beijing

Most tend to avoid going out on a polluted day especially if you have never experienced heavy air pollution before. For me, I try to cease the opportunity to take photos. The bowl shaped geography of Beijing is the causes of pollution in… Continue Reading →

Traveling Iceland in Autumn

My trip to Iceland happened in the late September of 2012. I went alone and drove 2500 kilometers in 8 days around the island and spent 3 days in the capital Reykjavik. Why Tour Iceland in Autumn? The landscape of Iceland… Continue Reading →

Essaouira, an Escape from the Chaos in Marrakech

I travelled to Morocco this spring for 3 weeks. I only stayed in 2 cities, one of them is Essaouira.  The port city provides travelers an escape from the hectic scenes of Marrakech. While most visits on a day trip I decided… Continue Reading →

Hosting WordPress Blog on NearlyFreeSpeech

Welcome, I finally got around to set up a blog. I used coupled with WordPress. The cost is only 3 cents/day (1cent/day for webserver, 2 cents/day for MYSQL service, data transfer rates are basically negligible if you don’t have… Continue Reading →

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